The Chinese digital group of Ecommerce business portal ‘Dazaran’ is delivering items of daily use including fresh foods and grocery items efficiently to the masses in the current challenging situation of COVID-19 pandemic.

Ecommerce digital retailer business forum ‘Dazaran‘ a Chinese and Pakistan based company which was supporting people in twins cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dazaran, Mr. Donald Li told APP here on Sunday.

He said that the E-commerce platform, Dazaran App, and Fresh One App as customer-friendly were providing basic living goods including fresh fruits and vegetables to the people at their doorsteps.

The CEO said that Dazaran had been empowering merchants to easily realize online and offline business operations, meet the consumers’ online and offline shopping needs as the continuous upgrading of lifestyles at the standard of modern business models.

He said all merchants could use Dazaran platform to generate Independent App within one day, and did online and offline business instantly and easily.

This platform would support the government to promote local e-commerce easily as well, he added.

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Donald Li said “Mostly, we are trying to accommodate Pakistani community by Instant delivery system in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.” He said that Pakistan still used traditional retail model, adding “We want people to go for fast delivery system, and order fresh, fruits and vegetables on “FreshOne” as it is affordable and equal to mandi price” He said that right now, Dazaran charged no entry fee for all essentials stores.

He informed, recently, through “FreshOne” our company was getting more and more orders and our team was passionate to work for the nation.

Donald said that as customers place their orders, our team made sure to deliver items at their doorstep within 2-hour in the same city to help customers in the situation of Coronavirus.

“During the holy months of Ramazan, We are committed to providing quality and in-time delivery to the people for facilitating them,” he said.

The CEO said that the people wanted fresh food items on a daily basis, for this we had three types of Ramazan Rashan packages.

He informed the prices for Rashan packages started from Rs 5999 including all basic needs of daily life.

In the past one month, FreshOne got about 8000 orders from Islamabad and Rawalpindi, and on the other side, the company was also delivering items to the customers by its mobility service Timesaco Instant Delivery.

He said “we realize people difficulties in coronavirus crisis as they can’t go out to purchase groceries, so now the company is serving in the twin cities but soon afterward we will run this across Pakistan and we are making mechanism for it.”Dazaran, FreshOne, and HelpBuy would continue their services to support people, he added.

He said “We encourage all merchants to use Dazaran platform to do online business at this stage and also for future”


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