How To Start Ecommerce Business In Pakistan By the Following Steps?

How to start Ecommerce Business in Pakistan? Mostly people doesn’t know that from where to start, how to start, & how much it costs to make such website? How to add a money wall with your E-commerce store? Therefore, we will add the whole information here and will guide you to start building your e-commerce startup.

E-commerce Business in Pakistan is growing and more and more online shopping related business are evolving. With this evolving trend the companies who are selling products online sees a huge growth from their online stores. Pakistan is now a $1 Billion E-commerce market.

With the recent development and new government who are making business more easy for its citizens, more and more brands are coming to Pakistan. Recently, one of the China E-commerce Giant buy Pakistan E-commerce Giant for over $150 Million.

Here is a step-by-step Guide to Make your own E-commerce Store in Pakistan :

Have a Product to Sell Online:

To start Ecommerce Business in Pakistan, the First thing you have to do is to identify a product that you have to sell online. You can’t just start with selling every product from A to Z but you have to start from very specific. Keep in note that Amazon started with the single product too, they were selling Books online at first then later on they added more products. The same you have to do. First start with one product then add more products if you see any success.

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What things most Pakistani Buy Online?

Here are the top 5 things Pakistani are Buying Online, You can use this Picture as a way to introduce your product related to it in some way.

Top 5 Things Pakistani are Buying Online
Top 5 Things Pakistani are Buying Online

As T-shirts are the most selling product in Pakistan followed by Lawn Clothes and then Mobile phones. For Instance, You can target any of the product and make an E-commerce store based on it. 5 Things most Pakistanis are buying online shown in the image.

Inventory Management and Model Selection

Your second step be, after selecting a Product is to make plan for your product inventory Management. What is Inventory? An Inventory is anything (Hardware) in your Business, It may be Your products, Labor, Machines or anything that can occupy space and cost you.

Let say you want to sell Custom T-shirt through your store online, then you must have some kind of space to make a custom T-shirt, That Machine will cost you too plus you need a motorcycle if you want to deliver to a person who is living in your city. It is a full-time job.

Then the next thing you have to do is to select a model? A model is like what type of business you want to do. Some people sell other people’s products through their own made E-commerce store and when the products sell they buy it from them and send it to their own customer. Other type of E-commerce model is when you have an inventory of Products and when someone buys it from you, you send it in a suitable way.

Make Website For E-commerce Business Store:

To start Ecommerce Business, Now, this is an easy step. Here I write an article where I explain, in detail, How to make a website in Pakistan?

Still, I will explain it in simple terms.

  1. Go to any hosting + Domain Providing sites.
  2. Register a name and buy hosting from them.
  3. Install WordPress.
  4. You are done.

Here are some of the points you need to keep in mind while deciding to buy a website:

  • What type of extension you need to buy. An Extension is that the last word of a site like .com is our extension while in some sites like has an extension of .pk. The domain name shows what is your target market. So, choose carefully.
  • Before buying a site, research about the best hosting companies, as best hosting will never disappoint you. Keep in note that when Google releases a new Algorithm, Amazon lost more than a Billion dollars because their site loading time was 1s less then what was the standard of Google.
  • Must Install SSL as it will add extra security to your site. Some of the hosting Providers offer it free.

Buy A Professional E-Commerce Theme

People buy from sites that are looking professional and have good pricing for the product they are looking at. You can buy a theme from for your online business quite easily as they have variety of E-Commerce themes.

After buying hosting and domain name and installing WordPress you need to add a plug-in used for E-Commerce stores named as “Woo-Commerce” it will help you in Payment Integration for your site and in many more things.

All Set, Add Your Products And Start Promoting:

Register your company with the Government and let banks and other services provide you the resources you need.

All set, Add your products, with Pictures, Pricing tag and then start Promoting your E-Commerce store in Pakistan.

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