021Disrupt is two-day Pakistan’s head entrepreneurship conference exhibiting the local startup ecosystem and drawing various universal visitors, extending from business people and thought-pioneers to corporates and financial speculators.

The meeting plans to bring the entrepreneurial network under one roof as worldwide and nearby financial specialists, partners and thought-pioneers meet up to diagram the fate of the Pakistani startup biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.

Pakistan’s top businessman and moderator of “021Disrupt 2019” Mr. Shehryar Taseer, who has been serving as Chairman of Pace Pakistan, MD of First Capital Securities, CEO of Media Times Limited, CEO of Evergreen Water and Construction, Publisher of Daily Times, Publisher of Daily Aaj Kal, as well as Sunday Magazine moderated the session on “Soft Power: Promoting Pakistan on the global stage” on Sunday.,and consisting of a panel of some of the biggest names in our industry, including Wasim Akram and Shaneira Akram for the Akram Foundation, Shehzad Roy for Zindagi Trust, Actor and Producer Hina Bayat and Actor and Social Advocate Aamina Sheikh. This panel aims to allow people to learn a little more about these individuals, who are working tirelessly to ensure that Pakistan’s beauty, it’s resilience, and it’s people, never go overlooked. They’ve turned heads and changed minds all over the world, showing everyone that Pakistan isn’t just headlines and news reports, it’s also a country full of unparalleled landscapes, thriving ecosystems, and countless talented people doing incredible things.

Discussing the potentials of the people of Pakistan and the problems why we are lagging behind, Shehrayar Taseer opened up about the ideas to promote Pakistan globally.

Climate change, pollution, public transport, diversity and inclusion, civic and social challenges, are all topics which are not only sparking conversations but have also started to demand action, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem is no exception to this responsibility.

021Disrupt 2019 round-table conference aims to address, discuss and most importantly, do something about them.


Courtesy: https://dailytimes.com.pk/493808/pakistans-biggest-entrepreneurship-conference-021-disrupt/



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