A drone delivery, Unmanned Ariel Vehicle (UAV),  is a model of delivering the product to the end consumers through drones. This model is gaining recognition because of its low cost, time saving and fully automated service. The design was first introduced by amazon.com in 2013. CEO of Amazon says in an interview that” Amazon will be delivery through drones very soon”.

After that Amazon is endlessly trying to develop a stable system in which they can deliver the parcels through drones. In this regard, Amazon experimented a drone delivery where a parcel got delivered to the customer through drone and the overall process was being monitored through GPRS system. It was a successful experiment but they are facing a number of restriction regarding UAVs.

  • UAVs cannot be sent to the populated areas due to government restrictions
  • There is a weight limit in the UAVs. Heavy packages cannot be shipped
  • weather conditions seems to be another barrier. Perfect weather forecast is required and in case of bad weather the service cannot be used.
  • UAV limits to a certain distance as they cannot travel so far so it is another issue.
  • If an UAV get broken or faces any technical issue then a proper mechanism is not there that how it would be brought back to the warehouse.

Despite of these barriers, Amazon is very confident about using this method in their long term plan because in a survey it is concluded that drone delivery will cost just 1$ for 1 delivery and currently Amazon is spending more than 5$ per delivery so Amazon can reduce its cost up to 80% through UAVs.



Amin Lalani is a subject matter specialist in Internet Retailer with several articles and research paper published so far. He has done M.Phil from IoBM in Marketing with emphasis on Internet Retailing. Besides academia he has various other certification like SAP, Google Analytic, Microsoft Small Business Solution Provider and more.

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