In the fast moving world the intangible property is becoming more vital as compare to the tangible ones. Online websites and domains are replacing the showrooms and stores  so its security should be our prime concern. Just thought that your rival is selling their product in your store and you can’t do anything about it ! Who would you feel?.

Exactly the same feeling is being felt by as DARAZ.Pk takeover the domain of Now you will go directly to if you open the URL of It is the one of the biggest news in e-commerce industry . If you runs a website, secure your domain to the earliest because currently you maybe not in the limelight and hence saved from the eyes of hacker s and competitors but once you will grow and come in notice, everyone will run after you  so it’s better to play safe otherwise big elephants usually crushes the small ones. what mostly happens is that you hire a employee and he sets you a domain. After sometime when he leaves your organization the domain access is not transferred to your end which can be very dangerous for you in the future.

What steps should be taken to secure your domain?

It is not a trouble-free job and it requires more than one technique. I am sharing an easy and effectual one. First of all prefer a good host because host is very significant for a protected website. The host is like a plot on which the building structure is built on. secondly, make a security plan and educate everyone about it. At last, use all the devices with appropriate anti-viruses so hackers find no outflow to bug in. Along with these get country specific TLD For example if want a domain of XYZ so get,, etc so that it become saves from all the sides.


Amin Lalani is a subject matter specialist in Internet Retailer with several articles and research paper published so far. He has done M.Phil from IoBM in Marketing with emphasis on Internet Retailing. Besides academia he has various other certification like SAP, Google Analytic, Microsoft Small Business Solution Provider and more.

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