Celebrating Pakistan Day was never exciting before with 23% Off and now we also have Holi to celebrate which means, more reason to get discounts from big brands.

Apparently, Internet Retailing is still challenging and is not easy as being considered by many retailers

It has been observed that large segment of buyer mostly ordering from outside the main cities like Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore opt to buy cheap products rather than branded one and the reason is simply; they get it cheap and quick as compare to expensive products from online stores which are delivered in 2-3 days timeline.

On the other hand, products are now bought by overseas customers as local gift delivery or personalized product delivered overseas. This particularly is an interesting development which could become next billion dollar industry in Pakistan in due course of time.

Internet Retailing could be made more attractive by offering money back guarantee, 1 day shipping and best price promise this will buildup trust among the consumer. Many Internet Retailer forgets that Internet Retailing is all about Disruptive Innovation. If a business

– Can deliver 1 day shipping of Shalwar to NYC (through US Order Fulfillment Centre)
– Can get dress in different color and size before s/he opt to buy one
– Pay Later – an option to pay on 5th when a person get salary

So there are so many ideas that Internet Retailer can adapt and boost their sales and brand loyalty in no time.

Conclusion – Internet Retailer got to come out from technology hindrance and move to next level which is innovation to stay competitive in challenging environment


Amin Lalani is a subject matter specialist in Internet Retailer with several articles and research paper published so far. He has done M.Phil from IoBM in Marketing with emphasis on Internet Retailing. Besides academia he has various other certification like SAP, Google Analytic, Microsoft Small Business Solution Provider and more.

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