How to become a successful Internet Retailer? – Learn by Live Examples.

Learning best practices from Top 3 Apparel Internet Retailers.

Evaluating Top 3 local Internet Retailers

When we talk about apparel brands , We know they are GulAhmed, Nishat and Al Karam. They speaks a lot about How to become a successful Internet Retailer?

First of all, the GUI resemble as a perfect retailers rather than a Hybrid eCommerce site. Here the learning is – Give a Pause || to customers before letting them buy a product by a simple welcome page.

Secondly they understand the core value of connecting to various social media. By Socal media we simply know it’s about including instagram, youtube and pinterest. These platforms helps to reach maximum audience online through web and social media.

Thirdly, they welcome product diversification online by selling accessories, shoes, bags, etc so that, the customer gets complete dressup solution under one roof.

Fourthly, their product photography is vivid along with descriptive details. It is vital to mention product description in details rather than just one liner tag line.

Further, the site has various details for shoppers such as:  terms and condition, payment options, order status,  career and return policy clearly mentioned which is important for buyers before they place an order

Last but not least they have exceptional customer service. Once you place an order you will instantly receive an order confirmation call. They are flexible throughout to give you superb online buying experience.

Besides above pointers; one could see the payment, shipping and other vital elements integrated on these websites such as gateway by HBL, shipping by TCS (including local and intl) rates. This helps to bargain by third party service provider and ensure all these component are been plugin to the webstore.

Conclusion : There is no way one could loose the race, if they follow these Top 3 Internet Retailers


Amin Lalani is a subject matter specialist in Internet Retailer with several articles and research paper published so far. He has done M.Phil from IoBM in Marketing with emphasis on Internet Retailing. Besides academia he has various other certification like SAP, Google Analytic, Microsoft Small Business Solution Provider and more.

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